Horizon Forbidden West patch adds toggle option for loot actions

Guerrilla Games has released a new patch for Horizon Forbidden West which combines patch 1.10 into 1.11.

While the patch contains a myriad of fixes and improvements, it also adds subtitles for the lyrics of the title song, “In The Flood”, as well as a toggle option in the Settings menu for loot actions.

As far as fixes go, two main quest issues were addressed along with four side quests and five world activity quests.

Some fixes and tweaks were made to machines, and an issue with humanoid enemies where applying the killing blow with a Spike Thrower could cause the enemies to freeze in place has been addressed.

The patch rebalances the unintentional change on Legendary weapons, allows action prompts and quest markers to be hidden in the custom HUD settings, improves visibility in the underwater section of the Relic Ruins: Isle of Spires, changes the sort order on some vegetation assets to improve rendering time, and made adjustments to the dynamic resolution system to scale better.

While there are plenty of fixes included in the patch, there are still a few known issues being looked into.

These include no longer being able to trade with Abadund after completing his dialogue after finishing a Side Quest, not being able to place any waypoint markers on the open-world within a 500 meter radius of Aloy’s position, new items acquired are not showing up with the New icon in the inventory, and streams are being interrupted when playing on 1080p and 60fps, after saving at campfires. To avoid this, Guerrilla suggests you select a lower broadcast quality or lower framerate.

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It's great to see they have done this, makes it a little easier now

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