Forza Horizon 5 has added a new progression system and custom races

Playground Games has begun rolling out a significant Forza Horizon 5 update.

The game’s Series 6 update (see full patch notes below) shakes up Forza Horizon 5’s PvP experience, Horizon Open, with several new online features.

It introduces custom racing, allowing users to matchmake with other players based on their chosen racing parameters, such as PI class and race type.

It also adds a new standalone progression system. Beginning in Series 6, any XP earned contributes towards both the traditional player level and the new Horizon Open level, each of which has a specified XP target.

By completing special challenges or levelling up in Horizon Open, players will unlock a new reward type called Badges, which are visible next to Gamertags and in Horizon Life Free Roam, race standings and leaderboards.

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