Forspoken Impresses in 10 Minutes of PS5 Gameplay

Forspoken may have been delayed out of its original May 2022 release date and pushed back to October, but that is not stopping Game Informer from sharing a full 10 minutes of never before seen gameplay action. The PlayStation 5 console exclusive from Square Enix makes combat and traversal the stars of the show in this extended clip, which you can catch above. It's now slated to release on 11th October 2022.

While the game hasn't always had the best showings in previous presentations, this is a much more solid example of what Forspoken can do. The movement and parkour look really fluid, and so too do the spells you'll be casting at enemies. The environment in the first half of the video is called a Sideways City, which has been affected by the Break. The second portion then features a much brighter area as protagonist Frey explores the open world.

A good showing, then, but still seven months to wait until we can play Forspoken for ourselves. Is this one on your wishlist? Decide in the comments below.

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Looks absolutely amazing. It gets my vote


i absolutely love this. 20

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