Call of Duty Subscription Service Seemingly Leaks via Job Post

It looks like the Call of Duty series could be introducing a new subscription service at some point in the future as part of an initiative that Activision is calling "CoD 2.0." In recent years, a number of different live-service games have started to introduce subscription models to add new features and content to titles over time. GTA Online actually revealed just this past week that it was joining this trend as well. Now, it seems like Call of Duty will be joining this trend, although details of how it may be implemented are still sparse.

Mentioned in a recent job listing that was posted on Activision's site, the publisher outlined its plans for what it is referring to as CoD 2.0. "2022 is a stellar opportunity for Call of Duty (CoD), with an extraordinary line up of innovations in curated player experiences, multi-platform game play, subscription-based content, mobile game development, and a move to always on community and player connectivity. We call this 'CoD 2.0,'" the job post explained. " And in the CoD 2.0 era, this leader will extend the CoD brand authentically in ways that engage core audiences and ignite and excite new ones; they will add cultural fuel to CoD marketing overall; they will extend and add meaning to CoD creative ideas."

Based on this description alone, it's not wholly clear when Activision intends to kickstart this CoD 2.0 strategy. Additionally, further details on what the "subscription-based content" that was mentioned in this post wasn't given. However, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 releasing later this year, we might start to see more of these plans enacted in the lead-up to launch.

It's worth noting that at the time of this writing, Activision has since taken down the job listing in question because the position "has been filled." Whether or not this role was filled or Activision instead just didn't mean to intentionally reveal these details of CoD 2.0 isn't known. Still, it sounds like we should expect to learn more about all of this information soon enough.

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They should do it as a trial run, if it works out, then they can resume fully


cod has been in need of something new for a good few years now, could this be it?

probably not but lets see...


All this sounds promising.


Is cod gonna go fully f2p? Can't see why anyone should pay full price for less content. Especially in a series as dull as COD lol. Imagine what their games would consist of if war zone never came and they didn't throw recycled maps at you all day.

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