Horizon Zero Dawn player topples its toughest enemy in 12 seconds

Someone's taken down Horizon Zero Dawn's most intimidating foe in approximately 12 seconds.

Over the past weekend, a player posting on the official Horizon subreddit drew attention to their heroic feat. You can see the full clip just below, in which the player utilizes four different bows to topple the incredibly powerful Daemonic Thunderjaw in right around 12 seconds.

This is a staggering achievement, and as the player notes, could well be a world record. Not only that, but the player is actually accomplishing this feat on the 'Ultra Hard' difficulty, which if you don't already know, is the single hardest difficulty setting that Guerrilla's 2017 action-RPG offered.

In fact, the user even explains in the comments section how they pulled it off. Striking the Daemonic Thunderjaw in the heart deals four times the regular damage, and also takes 2.5 times more damage when it's suffering from the frozen status effect, leading to massive damage output when combined with triple arrows.

We're yet to see anything like this from the Horizon Forbidden West player base, but it probably won't take long to come around. Guerrilla's action-packed sequel with Aloy has only just been out for a little over a month right now, and there's tonnes to see and do throughout the Forbidden West itself. Perhaps someone will figure out how to take down a Tremortusk even quicker than this.

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Such a achievdment on doing this in 12 secs on ultra hard difficulty

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