Skate 4 Reportedly Begins Playtesting, New Details Possibly Leaked

Skate 4 may finally get a proper debut soon. After roughly a decade of demanding a new entry in the skateboarding series, EA announced Skate 4 in 2020. At that time, the game was still in the very early stages of development, but it was enough for fans to get excited. The series gave a slightly more realistic spin on the skateboarding genre, which had begun to collapse by the release of the third game. Although Skate 3 was an incredibly good game, the market was shrinking and Electronic Arts had different ideas for what the future of its games should look like.

Nonetheless, it seems like Skate 4 is imminent. A new report from industry insider Tom Henderson and eXputer says that Skate 4 is in the playtesting stages and could get a proper reveal very soon. Development is reportedly going well and will include cross-play. EA has attempted to incorporate this into a lot of its games, particularly Battlefield 2042, so it's no surprise the publisher wants to continue to embrace that feature. Sources also downplayed rumors of the game being free-to-play, noting they should be taken as pure speculation. As of right now, there's no concrete release date for Skate 4, but these new details bode well for the game's development.

If things are going smoothly, EA could possibly reveal the game later this year. Of course, the cancelation of EA Play 2022 draws the question of where they would debut it. Microsoft could give Skate 4 some time during its inevitable summer press conference, but it's hard to say. With the gaming having been in development for roughly two years now, it's also possible that the game could release sometime in 2023. Skate 4 details have already been teased by developer Full Circle and it seems like there is a pretty concrete vision of what the series should look like in this day and age.

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They will, somehow, def mess this up


Really hoping for a pc release on this! Loved the older games but moved away from console.


officialfred This can't be a disappointment

Theres no way they can f this up they know the backlash they will get


This can't be a disappointment

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