Xbox Game Pass Has Featured 60 GOTY Winners Since Launch

Since it first became commercially available back in 2017, Xbox Game Pass has exploded in popularity. Offering a wide and varied selection of games from numerous console generations, Xbox Game Pass is one of the most accessible options players have to play a multitude of games on the platform of their choice. Now, Microsoft has officially revealed the list of every Game of the Year winner available to play on the subscription service.

It's been nearly five years since Xbox Game Pass first launched and in that time, many games have come and gone. While many games tend to leave Xbox Game Pass, new games are always being added in their stead, so users will likely never run out of fresh content to experience. In addition, the streaming service is also home to dozens of Game of the Year award-winning titles.

During a recent Microsoft Game Dev presentation, Joyce Lin, the content planning director for Microsoft, revealed that Xbox Game Pass has housed 60 different Game of the Year award-winners that span across various different award shows and publication outlets, such as The Game Awards, Metacritic, and IGN. These titles hail from various different genres and development studios, some of which may have gone unnoticed by Xbox Game Pass users.

The list itself possesses some real heavy hitters, such as The Witcher 3, Skyrim, and Grand Theft Auto 5, to name a select few. However, there are also a number of indie titles and other lesser-known games that some players may not have heard of. This includes games like Celeste, Night in the Woods, The Outer Wilds, and many others.

It's amazing to see such a plethora of amazing games available to play on Xbox Game Pass. Given Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda and other various studios, it's likely that players will see plenty of additional upcoming games released on Xbox Game Pass, day one. Though, it begs the question of what exactly Microsoft has in store for Xbox Game Pass going forward.

In addition to the massive amount of success Xbox Game Pass has garnered, Microsoft has also been developing Xbox Cloud Gaming, which allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to play games on any platform of their choice, while still maintaining save progress across each platform. While this service is still in beta right now, it will certainly make the act of playing video games more efficient anywhere the player may be.

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Good on them for having this amount featered since launch


Playstation will never have that oppertunity

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