Epic Games Store's New Free Game Is a Highly Rated Horror Title

It's Thursday, which means the Epic Games Store has a new free PC game. This week, it's a highly-rated horror game. As always, if you're on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X, you're out of luck with this freebie. It's limited to the Epic Games Store, which means it's limited to PC. If you're on PC and have an Epic Games Store account, you can now download In Sound Mind for free, no strings attached. Once downloaded, the game is yours to keep forever, but the offer has to be claimed by next Thursday because come next Thursday, the digital storefront will update with a new free game.

As for the game itself, In Sound Mind debuted back in September of 2021 via developer We Create Stuff and publisher Modus Games. It's unclear how the game has performed commercially, but over on Steam, it boasts an "Overwhelmingly Positive" User Review rating, with 95 percent of 807 reviews rating the game positively.

Below, you can read more about the game and check out an official trailer for it:

"As you awake in the corridors of an inexplicable building, you find the environment takes on a life of its own and leads you to discover a series of victims, all exposed to the same experimental chemical," reads an official pitch for the game. "In your search for answers, bizarre visions emerge and introduce a host of imposing horrors...and a cat named Tonia. From the creators of the cult classic Nightmare House 2 comes In Sound Mind, a witty first-person psychological horror with frenetic puzzles and unique boss fights. Traverse a series of unsettling memories as you journey within the inner workings of the one place you can't seem to escape-your own mind."

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They've been giving away good free games lately


Free games always good and horror at that

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