Nintendo Switch Online Adds 3 New Sega Genesis Games

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack has just added three new Sega Genesis titles to the subscription service. More specifically, subscribers to the upgraded service can now download and play the Sega Genesis video games Light Crusader, Super Fantasy Zone, and Alien Soldier. This is just the latest in a long line of additions to content available via the expanded service with Nintendo having not that long ago added Nintendo 64's F-Zero X.

Even if these particular video games are not your cup of tea, it is good to see that Nintendo continues to add to the more-expensive offering of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. When it first launched, Nintendo had indicated that it would continue to build out the library of video games available through it. At the time, a solid but small selection of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis video games was available. Since then, however, it has only continued to expand, and Nintendo has shown no signs of stopping yet. The Nintendo 64 library alone is vast, and when you add Sega Genesis to the mix, Nintendo could very well trickle out a video game or two for years.

As noted above, the Sega Genesis titles Light Crusader, Super Fantasy Zone, and Alien Soldier are now available to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers. More broadly, Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack is currently available for $49.99 per year as an individual subscription while the family membership tier costs $79.99 per year. The upgraded online service includes access to Nintendo 64 video games, Sega Genesis video games, and a bunch of other content like the upcoming Mario Kart 8 courses.

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keep on adding more. loving the retros getting released on the Switch


Great they are adding on.

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