Humble Store delists EA titles

All EA and Origin keys purchased through the Humble Store will soon be invalid.

In a statement, Humble Bundle announced that Electronic Arts games are no longer available on the Humble Store. The retailer removed EA titles from purchase on March 4th 2022, and those with EA or Origin keys will have to redeem them before March 18th, 5 pm PDT. After this time, the keys will become invalid.

The company has stated that this only affects sales made through the Humble Store and does not apply to EA titles bought as part of a bundle or through the company's subscription service, Humble Choice. Emails have been issued to those impacted.

Additionally, Humble will automatically try to redeem any outstanding keys if your Humble and Origin accounts are linked. This will be attempted on March 17th at 3pm PDT but may not be possible in all cases.

Humble has urged anyone with unredeemed keys to activate them before March 18th as no replacements or refunds will be offered after this time, even if automatic attempts to redeem the content were unsuccessful.

If you're having issues redeeming keys, you're advised to contact their customer support team before they become invalid.

In a post sharing the statement, Twitter user Wario64 added that EA Origin games have reportedly been removed from other PC stores, including Fanatical, Gamesplanet and Green Man Gaming. It’s unclear why EA would be taking this approach, if the report is accurate.

While Humble didn't share the reason for this move, it's sparked speculation that EA may be phasing out Origin.

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I'm sure EA is pissed for Humble to do this


Anime Huh I wonder what titles it was.

bruh. all of them. some reading might be needed


Huh I wonder what titles it was.

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