Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands New Video Details The Chaos Chamber Endgame

While previously Gearbox Software shared an extensive look at the co-op, quests, and loot the upcoming Borderlands spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has to offer, the developers are also ensuring that their player base has a lot more to do after the end credits rolls. Gearbox Software have now introduced Chaos of Chamber, a dungeon that players can party up and conquer.

Basically it is an endgame dungeon that is randomized and upon completion will provide players with unique loot. Each Chaos Chamber run will feature three randomized rooms filled with enemies, followed by a mini-boss fight, three more rooms, and finally, the main boss fight.

Players will have three lives to make it through the dungeon and losing all of them will fail and reset the run- however, players get to keep the items they gathered through the run. As per the developers, Chaos Chamber is a great way to farm for loot once the main story campaign is finished and important for people who want to tune their gears. Completing the dungeon will net you with Moon Orbs, which can be spend at the Enchantment Re-roller station.

Kent Rochefort, Lead Game Designer on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands had the following to say about the new mode. “We have over 60 level layouts, which will mix and match throughout a dungeon run. On top of that, all the many types of enemies from the game can show up, with up to three different kinds of armies in one room. There are also explosive barrels and traps that populate based on the room. Some are smaller, some are bigger; our level designers went with what felt appropriate for each particular combat arena.”

Players will also earn crystals in their run and it will impact the end of the run rewards. You can also get hold of additional crystals by completing optional side objectives. But be aware, as the number of crystals always get reset for each run, so, you always begin with zero.

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