GTA 6 Actors Possibly Leaked

Last month, Rockstar Games finally confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development presumably for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Since confirming the game, Rockstar hasn't said a peep about the game and there's no word from it on when this will change. What we have is what we've always had, a metric ton of rumors, reports, leaks, and speculation. The latest comes from Matheusbr9895, who has revealed some actors working on the game. Assuming the information is accurate, this would be the first time any GTA 6 acting talent has been revealed.

If the leaker is to be believed, Jorge Consejo and Guy A. Fortt are both in the game. Neither of these actors are household names, which is what Rockstar Games usually prefers. While Rockstar Games has worked with plenty of big names over the years, they love to cast lesser-known acting talent in their games, especially in the major roles. And often this acting talent has minimal experience in games.

Born in 1979, Jorge Consejo is best known for his work in various Spanish productions. According to his IMBD page, he's best known for his roles in El Rostro de Analía (2008), Código Postal (2006) and Pasión Prohibida (2013). Meanwhile, Guy A. Fortt's age isn't listed on his IMDB page, but his career dates back to 2002. According to his IMDB page, he's best known for his work on Broadway in Oprah Winfrey's The Color Purple.

Unfortunately, while the leaker teases that the actors are in the game, they don't divulge any information or insight into what type of roles they have been cast for. You'd assume they have been cast in major roles, because what's the point of teasing anything less. For now, though, this is just an assumption. These could be the next two stars of GTA or characters with one line.

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not long now until we get more news on this


Hoping to hear more about it.

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