Epic Games Store Changes Library UI

For a long time, the place for PC gamers to buy titles was Valve's platform of Steam. Over the past few years though, other gaming companies have decided to stake their claim on the PC market, introducing their own launchers and marketplace platforms. Perhaps the most well known of these is the Epic Games Store, the online game store owned by Fortnite developer Epic Games. Some games are now launching exclusively for the Epic Games Store, rather than be on both Epic and Steam, leading to further incentives for PC gamers to at least keep both marketplaces downloaded.

The Epic Games Store also offers users a free game every week. While most of these remain as smaller indie titles, during a big sale period the Epic Games Store has been known to put some older AAA titles on the store for free. Putting it simply, the Epic Games Store has attracted a large amount of users since its inception, though the platform often showed how green it was compared to competitor Steam.

Whether it be the lack of gifting options in the Epic Games Store, or the general UI, some fans can see plenty of room for improvement, with some even making their own concepts for how the Epic Games Store could be changed. It seems Epic Games is also looking to change the way the store works, as it has recently implemented some UI changes to the Epic Games Library.

Posted to Reddit by user u/iceleel, there are a number of changes to the Epic Games Store library that fans with a keen eye will be quick to spot. First, and likely the most obvious, is that the uninstalled games of a user will not have a black and white overlay. The new UI also informs users of how many games are owned, and allows for games to be viewed in pages rather than one long page that users would have to scroll through. It is still an option for players to have one massive page with all their games, as the number of games on a page can be changed.

There's also new icons in the top right-hand corner of the library, alongside a refresh button so that a user can check for any newly purchased games. Fans are a bit torn over these changes to the Epic Games Store, as some would have liked other features to be implemented such as favorites. Others are saddened by the loss of the black and white, as it highlighted uninstalled games well.

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Much better looking Library. Well done!!


This is clean and love it

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