Global tech industry begins halting sales to Russia

Tech companies around the world have begun suspending deliveries to Russia in compliance with international sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine. The sanctions, announced by the Biden Administration on February 24, cover restrictions on the sale of semiconductors and computers.

The sanctions also include an expansion of the Foreign Direct Product Rule, which forces tech companies who work with American-made tools and software to obtain a license from the US government before dealing with companies that support the Russian military.

AMD and Intel have reportedly halted sales of processors to Russia already, with Intel providing the following statement to PC Gamer's sister site, Tom's Hardware: "Intel complies with all applicable export regulations and sanctions in the countries in which it operates, including the new sanctions issued by OFAC [Office of Foreign Assets Control] and the regulations issued by BIS [Bureau of Industry and Security]."

While Russia has its own chip designers, companies like Baikal Electronics are "fabless" and reliant on outsourced fabrication. And on February 27, the Economy Ministry of Taiwan, home to major chip manufacturer TSMC, announced it was joining the list of countries imposing sanctions on Russia. "Domestic semiconductor manufacturers have also expressed that they will abide by the laws and closely cooperate with government measures," the Ministry said.

Multiple game studios, including CD Projekt, Bungie, Amanita Design, Digital Extremes, Hinterland Games, and 11 Bit Studios, have pledged support for Ukraine, making donations to humanitarian aid efforts like the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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EVERYTHING should be sanctioned to the Russians. They (Putin) deserve getting these


Its a good cause and they deserve it just not there humans

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