Elden Ring Demake Gives FromSoftware’s Fantasy Epic A PSOne Makeover

Elden Ring is finally out today after a long wait, but if you fancy checking out what the game could have looked like had it been developed for the PSOne back in the 90s, then you’re in luck! There’s an Elden Ring demake trailer down the rounds, courtesy of 3D artist and VFX wizard, Hoolopee.

The trailer has all the makings of a PSOne title, right down to the low-resolution textures, blocky polygon character models, and pretty much all the hallmarks of a 32-bit video game. Check it out below.

FromSoftware revealed recently that it will be adding ray tracing to the game in a future update.

A performance review by Digital Foundry has revealed that playing the PS4 version on the PS5 via backwards compatibility actually provides a more stable frame rate.

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Source: https://www.psu.com/news/elden-ring-demake-gives-fromsoftwares-fantasy-epic-a-psone-makeover/


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Dang this is pretty awesome.


Looks really cool. I want to get a copy of it

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