Latest Elex 2 Trailer Shows a World Full of Choices

With the release of Elex 2 just around the corner, developer Piranha Bytes has revealed a new trailer, this time focusing on an overview of the game's world and mechanics. There's plenty to be discovered in the four-minute video.

Published by THQ Nordic, Elex 2 is an upcoming open-world action-RPG featuring a peculiar and most creative blend of fantasy and sci-fi themes. Developer Piranha Bytes is the mind behind the Elex successor, but is also known for having created the Risen and Gothic series. The German studio has, in fact, spawned its very own subgenre of RPGs, dubbed "Eurojank," an alternative to mainstream AAA titles.

The new Explanation trailer aims to introduce the player to the game's world and various different mechanics, giving the impression of a quite ambitious RPG. Magalan is home to aggressive wildlife and diverse human factions bent on warfare between each other, but the most serious threat is the one that's coming from the sky: the Skyand, an alien faction whose arrival was predicted in the first title, six years before.

As typical of the subgenre, the player starts wholly unequipped for the task at hand, with only a trusty lead pipe to defend themselves; the overall mission is that of working with the game's various factions to counter the alien threat. Elex 2 features typical RPG mechanics such as companions, skills, and attributes, with the unique flavor being the mixing of fantasy and sci-fi themes. As the latest trailer shows, the diversity of the player's offensive choices is truly impressive, going from bows to swords, from chainsaws to shotguns, without forgetting jetpacks and magic spells. Those interested in the combat mechanics can watch a previous Elex 2 trailer focused on them.

The variety of factions that Elex 2 features, including both old acquaintances and new actors, bodes well for a title that promises to give the player ample freedom of choice at every corner. The challenge is getting those very different parties to work together against a common threat, a mission that can only be fulfilled by engaging with the convoluted politics of Magalan with cunning and cleverness.

Those interested in the latest flavor of Eurojank RPG need to wait just a few more days. In the meantime, while not strictly required for the enjoyment of Elex 2, playing the first Elex might be a good idea, with the two games having much in common.

Elex 2 releases March 1 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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