iOS 6 Pictures and Information:


ios 6 softwareOn June 11th 2012, Apple released iOS 6 Beta to Developers. Along with alot of bugs, IOS 6 has tons of new features and a whole new look for multiple locations inside the operating system.

With no official release date currently announced, the 6.0 beta has a sleek new look that most iOS users will notice instantly. Pulling away from the original grey/black colour scheme, Apple has made the bold statement that a clean, professional look is the way to go. Bringing in a white menu for the music selection, but inverting the old white camera UI, it is now very bold and black!

Some new features to check out in iOS 6 are as followed:
  • Facebook integrated into OS
  • New Menu Colors
  • Apple 3D Maps
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Facetime Over Cellular
  • Call Back Options
  • Passbook
  • Tap To Tweet/Post (Facebook Twitter Notification Center)
Below are a few images to give everyone a better idea of what we are talking about!

ios6 libraryios6 playingios6 songios6 settingsios6 passbookios6 3dmapsios6 cameraios6 notification



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Looks good, Liking what I am seeing. The new iPod bit looks really good. Hope they spend a while to get rid of all the bugs to make sure there is not the same situation with this when iPhone4 was released.


Looks good but android is for me.


wow that actually looks amazing



Would like to see some pictures of it on iPad, but it looks pretty much the same.




The social integration is really nice, hope to see more of that in the future ;)


that looks awesome :O


looks good, but probably won't get it because I don't want to wait for the jailbreak for it to come out


I wouldn't be updating to iOS 6, just for these features.