Mario Kart 9 Reportedly Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Feature

Mario Kart 9 is reportedly bringing back a fan-favorite feature. There's been a lot of rumors percolating about the next Mario Kart game the last couple of weeks. Some have referred to the next installment as Mario Kart 9, while others have labeled it Mario Kart 10, suggesting Nintendo views Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit as Mario Kart 9. Whatever the case, there have been lots of rumors about the next Mario Kart game, however, very few of these rumors and reports have divulged many details on the game itself. Unfortunately, there's still a scarcity of details, but we do have word that one feature, in particular, is returning.

Unlike previous and older games in the series, Mario Kart 8 -- the best-selling entry in the series and the latest "proper" entry in the series -- introduced other Nintendo IP. The majority of the game's characters were still Mario characters, but not entirely. According to this new report, this is set to continue with the next installment, which will supposedly boast "multiple" Nintendo IP.

Now, the meaning of "multiple" varies from person to person, but its definition suggests it's more synonymous with numerous or many rather than a few, a couple, or even a handful. However, people play often play loose with this definition, with multiple often just referring to something more than a handful. In short, it's somewhat vague and pretty subjective, so take its usage with a grain of salt.

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