xQc Is Twitch's Most-Watched Streamer for Second Straight Year

For the second year in a row, former professional Overwatch player Felix "xQc" Lengyel has become the most-watched streamer on Twitch. Since he began his streaming career on Twitch back in 2019, xQc has quickly become the face of the platform with nearly 10 million followers in total on the website. While Twitch viewership as a whole fluctuates quite a bit from channel to channel, xQc has clearly asserted himself as the platform's top content creator, and it doesn't seem like he'll be losing that title any time soon.

According to data gathered by Rainmaker.gg (via StreamElements), xQc was able to accumulate over 261 million hours of viewership in 2021. To put into context just how impressive that is, no other streamer on Twitch was able to even surpass 200 million hours. The gap between xQc and the next most-watched streamer on Twitch is incredibly vast, which means that it will take quite a drastic falloff for xQc to not repeat this achievement once again in 2022.

When looking at other streamers on Twitch this year, Amouranth ended up being the number one female streamer on the site. Through some often-controversial methods, Amouranth was able to climb all the way up to the 33rd spot overall in terms of viewership this year, which is a pretty big shift considering that she was ranked 160th to end 2020. She's also one of only two women to crack the top-100 streamers overall. Given that Amouranth was banned from Twitch multiple times over the course of 2021, it's even more impressive what she was able to accomplish this year.

For Twitch as a whole, 2021 was yet another massive year for the streaming platform. Compared to 2020, viewership across the board jumped by 45%, with 24 billion hours of content having been viewed. As time moves on, streaming is only going to continue to grow even larger, which means that names like xQc's will only continue to become more recognizable in the future.

Below you can find the top ten most-watched streamers on Twitch from 2021.


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