Facebook/Meta earns the worst company of the year title

Every year in December, Yahoo! Finance selects a "Company of the Year" that takes into consideration parameters such as market performance and other achievements, with Microsoft taking home the title in 2021. Yahoo! Finance also selects selects a "Worst Company of the Year" based on audience surveys about a company that upset them the most.

Based on surveys conducted of 1,541 respondents, it would seem that Facebook has earned the crown of "Worst Company of the Year", perhaps indicating in part the reason for a company name change to Meta Platforms.

Among the varied reasons why individuals marked Facebook/Meta as the "Worst Company of the Year" include perceptions of censorship, in particular of right and conservative voices, which individuals stated they felt the "free-speech-police" as unfair and should have the ability to communicate whatever they wished on their platform. In contrast, others found that Facebook/Meta was to be blamed for the rise of far-right extremist views.

Another noted complaint against Facebook/Meta includes not policing and monitoring posts enough when perceived significant misinformation was shared on their platform, stating that views of critics influenced individuals perceptions of not taking the overall seriousness of the pandemic's potential.

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Source: https://www.neowin.net/news/facebookmeta-earns-the-worst-company-of-the-year-title/


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