Leaker Offers Insight Into How PlayStation events Are Put Together

Sony has been hosting a set of events known as the State of Play, which give PlayStation fans a look into some upcoming games. These events are always exciting for the community, whether these provide an update for a game that's coming soon, or announcing a brand-new game. The last State of Play showed off a variety of new games, from the PlayStation exclusive Sifu, to third-party titles such as Lost Judgment and Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles. With another State of Play event coming up, some speculate at what will be showcased.

Sony confirmed that the next PlayStation State of Play event will be taking place on Wednesday, October 27 at 2:00 pm PT. This event will be primarily focused on third-party games that will be coming to both the PS4 and PS5. There can possibly be some exciting announcements regarding games such as Final Fantasy 16, Forspoken, and Call of Duty: Vanguard. To put into perspective of how these events are constructed, one leaker broke down the structure of how the State of Play is put together.

This breakdown was courtesy of video game data analyst @millieamand on Twitter. The first factor for how these are put together is Sony's fiscal year, where they have a set of prelimary State of Play and PlayStation Showcase event dates. These dates all have a one week window which allows Sony to have wiggle room if it needs to change the date. This can be done if an asset isn't prepared in time or a real world event causes the delay.

From there, Sony talks to the third-party companies with pre-contractual agreements to participate in the State of Play event. All the developers and publishers must then submit all assets to Sony before public announcement. If an asset isn't ready in time, then Sony can buffer it out with transitions or videos of first-party content. Some of these include hardware footage, accessories, or sizzle reels that are prepared ahead of time.

After that, two weeks before the scheduled date, the base structure of the video is edited together in advance. The producers will then sign off on any daily submissions, since assets are being submitted over time and will be embedded into the structure. When the overall product is finished, the completed PlayStation State of Play is reviewed and signed off by the departments involved. Once that step is completed, the video is then embedded into Sony's channels. This process should give PlayStation fans an idea of how these videos are built, and what to expect on October 27.

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