Apex Legends Season 11 has been dated and detailed

Electronic Arts has announced Apex Legends Season 11, which is titled Escape.

Scheduled to launch worldwide on November 2, Escape will introduce a new playable hero in the form of Ash, who first appeared as an antagonist in Titanfall 2 and in lore serves as the overseer of Apex’s Arenas mode.

“Ash is a simulacrum made from the woman who once was Dr. Ashleigh Reid,” reads a press release accompanying today’s announcement. “A trace of Leigh still remains within Ash, igniting its own connections to another Doctor in the Arena.”

Titanfall’s flexible C.A.R. SMG will also be added as a new Apex Legends weapon in Season 11, which is set to be detailed further over the coming days.

It was previously claimed by dataminers that the Apex Legends Season 11 update could introduce a new ‘Tropic Island’ map.

In 2019, Respawn said it had pushed back plans for new Titanfall games so that it could focus on supporting Apex Legends following the title’s explosive growth.

And last month, studio community coordinator Jason Garza said during a live stream that fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about the prospect of more Titanfall games. His comments seemingly promoted Respawn to release a less gloomy although still non-committal statement on the future of the series.

“Contrary to what some folks are reporting, Titanfall is the very core of our DNA,” it said. “Who knows what the future holds…”

Apex Legends Season 10, Emergence, launched on August 3, introducing new Legend Seer, the Rampage LMG and an updated World’s Edge map.

Later that month, Respawn confirmed it was still planning to release a next-gen update for Apex Legends but that it wasn’t yet ready to commit to a launch window.

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