Monster Hunter Rise shipments now total 7.5 million units

Monster Hunter Rise continues to be popular with audiences, so much so it has hit another sales milestone.

According to Capcom, the game has now shipped over 7.5 million units worldwide.

The new figure is up by 2.5 compared to the 5 million units shipped during its first week of availability, starting March 26. And that figure was up 1 millon from the previous sales milestone, which saw the game ship 4 million units in three days.

Recently the winner of the Grand Award at the Japan Game Awards, the Switch title brings new monsters and locales to the series, and provides a fresh take on the hunting experience through a host of new actions such as the Wirebug and new hunting partners called Palamutes.

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC on January 12, and to hold you over until release, a Steam demo will be made available starting October 13.

It will feature numerous hunting options, offline solo and online multiplayer, 14 weapon types, a Training option, and a Wyvern Riding tutorial. There will also be three different hunting quests and monsters to experience.

When the full version of the game releases on PC, it will include all major post-launch content that is available on the Nintendo Switch version through the end of November 2021.

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That is some amazing numbers they hit !

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