Halo Infinite Brutes get much-needed makeover in leaked images

When the Halo Infinite campaign was shown off in 2020, a lot of gamers were disappointed by the lackluster visuals. The build we saw a year ago was an early version, but that didn't stop the above-posted image of a Brute — one of the alien species you encounter in the Halo franchise — from going viral and becoming a hilarious meme.

Craig the Brute lacked a lot of detail and it was clear 343 Industries needed to polish the visuals. Today, Twisted Voxel noted that someone posted pictures that show an updated look for Brutes due to appear in Halo Infinite. They showcase Master Chief standing on top of a dead Brute. However, this Brute has much more detail on his face like warpaint, more realistic wrinkles, and facial hair. You can take a look at the images below.

We still haven't seen any new gameplay from the campaign, but 343 Industries will probably release it soon given the fact that Halo Infinite is only a few months away. These changes are definitely a step in the right direction.

Halo Infinite will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on December 8, 2021. You can purchase it for $59.99 on the Microsoft Store, or play it through Xbox Game Pass if you're a subscriber.

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definitely looks better, this is definitely a improvement to the game.

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