NBA 2K22 Releases Next-Gen Patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X

NBA 2K22 is bringing next-gen gamers a new patch to help the game run a bit smoother. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X fans can look forward to some increased performance with one big catch. The developer says that there will be no tweaks to gameplay with the patch that went out this morning. 2K didn't go into much deeper detail about what they're shuffling around to increase performance. But, any fixes are going to be appreciated by the community. A lot of fans would like some editing to be done with the online portion of the game. The City mode has never been more popular and Squads players would argue the same thing. With the sheer volume of players online at one time during a time like this, it can be hard to ensure a good experience for all players. Hopefully, the patch will go a little way towards making people feel like they're getting the full experience out of their games. Check out what 2K had to say down below:

They wrote on Twitter, "Our latest patch is live on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S bringing continued stability improvements to the game fixing several issues No gameplay changes!"

"Since introducing The W to NBA 2K, we've set out to develop one of the most comprehensive sets of game modes and features focused on a women's professional league," Felicia Steenhouse, Senior Producer at Visual Concepts offered earlier this year. "It's grounded in authenticity and delivers an experience that honors and elevates some of the best ballers in the world: the women of the WNBA."

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