Valheim: Hearth and Home launches in September

The devs at Iron Gate have been teasing some of the features coming as part of Valheim‘s Hearth and Home update for some time, but now we’ve got some important new info delivered as part of Gamescom Opening Night Live – the release date.

The Valheim: Hearth and Home release date is set for September 16, as a gorgeously-animated new trailer confirms. This will be the game’s first major content update, and we’ve already seen a load of details on what to expect.

As previously announced, Hearth and Home completely revamps the food and stamina system. Food will be divided between types that improve your health or stamina. A new stagger bar will make playing defence more nuanced, and you’ll be able to boost that bar by keeping your health up – meaning that both health and stamina will be essential for tanky playstyles. Plus, we’re getting Scrooge McDuck-style gold hoards. What more could you ask for?

Check out the trailer below.

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