WarioWare: Get it Together’s new trailer breaks down its features

A new trailer for WarioWare: Get it Together gives a breakdown of the game’s modes and features.

The trailer, which is embedded above, is hosted by Wario himself (voiced by Charles Martinet) and explains the title’s microgame-based concept.

WarioWare: Get it Together is the ninth title in the series and will feature two-player co-op mode for the first time.

Get it Together contains 200 new microgames, all of which have to be cleared as quickly as possible.

Whereas previous WarioWare games had players interacting directly with the objects in each microgame, this time players control characters from the WarioWare series as they perform various tasks.

Each character has their own unique move, which means the player has to approach each microgame differently depending on which character they’ve chosen.

For example, Wario flies around on a jetpack and attacks by boosting forwards, while Mona continually drives around on her scooter and uses a boomerang to attack.

Young Cricket runs and jumps like a typical platforming hero, and retro fan 18-Volt sits still at the bottom of the screen and fires his disc weapon in various directions, similar to the Bust-a-Move games.

The full game will feature three main modes at launch. The main mode is Story, which can be played alone or with a partner in local co-op.

There’s also the Variety Pack mode, which offers 10 party games which can be played locally with 1-4 players. Finally, the Wario Cup is an online mode with rotating weekly challenges that have leaderboards for players to compete in.

WarioWare: Get it Together will be released for Switch on September 10. A free demo is available to download, which lets players try out part of the single-player mode, as well as the local two-player mode.

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