Splitgate Update Makes Big Change to Free for All Modes

Like other live service games, Splitgate receives updates on a regular basis that shake up the playlists, add new cosmetic content, and make changes based on fan feedback. The Splitgate servers briefly went offline earlier so that the developers could implement one of these updates, and now things are back up and running and fans can check out the changes for themselves.

The big change that Splitgate fans will notice is that they can now queue up in Free for All modes as a party. Prior to the update, FFA modes in Splitgate were limted to a single person, meaning those playing with friends were simply out of luck if they wanted to play popular modes like Gun Game. Letting people queue up for FFA modes like Gun Game does open the door for cheating, though that likely won't be as big of a problem as some might suspect. In any case, this is noted as a "Feature Test" so if the community is vocal enough about the change and want things to go back to how they were, it seems likely that the developers will take it into consideration.

The latest Splitgate update has also improved the game's server stability. Splitgate's servers have been an issue with the game since its massive rise in popularity, as the developers were not anticipating such a significant number of people wanting to play all at once. The developers have made great strides when it comes to improving Splitgate's queue times and upgrading the servers, so this latest update should be another solid step forward and help the game get that much closer to its proper launch.

Speaking of future Splitgate updates, the developers said that this latest one is meant to lay the groundwork for "more updates in the near future." Now, it's worth pointing out that the Splitgate beta Battle Pass is supposed to wrap up soon, with the game's Season 1 expected to start shortly thereafter. Since the Splitgate release date has been delayed indefinitely, it's unclear if the developers will still move forward with Season 1 or put their plans off, but more information on that should come sooner rather than later.

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