Splitgate Developer Comments on the Possibility of a Campaign

As Splitgate has continued to become more popular over the course of 2021, many fans have started to wonder about what the multiplayer shooter might start to look like in the future. In particular, the idea of a full-blown campaign for the title is one that some have started to ask about. And while such a game mode doesn't seem likely to come to fruition, developer 1047 Games has said that it wants to start adding more narrative emphasis to Splitgate in the future.

In a recent developer Q&A session, the studio behind Splitgate addressed whether or not a campaign is something that could come about in the future. In short, while not shooting down this notion, the developers seemed to express that they haven't given much thought about a full-blown story mode for the game. However, the idea that the multiplayer portion of Splitgate could start to see a larger focus on storytelling seems to be alluring.

Specifically, 1047 Games referenced other titles, notably battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, that use a seasonal model to tell a larger narrative. For instance, with the beginning of every Apex Legends season, a new trailer is released that introduces a new character and further fleshes out the backstory and lore within that game's world. Rather than crafting a full campaign, this sort of storytelling device seems to be something that the team behind Splitgate would like to implement further down the road.

As for when such a feature could come about, well, that's the big question. Splitgate as a whole recently received an indefinite delay, largely due to how popular the game has become in recent once. Whenever 1047 Games is able to fully launch Splitgate in the future, however, perhaps we'll start to see more ideas like this brought about.

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