PlayStation Fan Hits Insane Trophy Milestone After 12 Years of Gaming

When Microsoft introduced the Xbox 360 in 2005, it popularized the concept of achievements. By completing specific tasks in a game, players would be rewarded with an achievement, adding to their overall gamerscore so that they can compete with their friends and others online. PlayStation eventually followed suit with its own version of achievements in the form of trophies, letting players earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum trophies to level up their trophy score. Some PlayStation fans take trophy hunting very seriously, putting in countless hours to get as many trophies as possible, but few are as dedicated as Reddit user EwokSlayer.

EwokSlayer took to Reddit to show off their incredible accomplishment of unlocking a staggering 10,000 PlayStation trophies. This includes 114 Platinum Trophies, 647 Gold trophies, 1915 Silver Trophies, and 7297 Bronze trophies. For unlocking all of these trophies, EwokSlayer has reached an impressive level 482. They started unlocking trophies in PlayStation games in 2009, so it's taken them 12 years to hit this milestone.

In the comments of the Reddit post, EwokSlayer answered some questions about their trophy collection. According to EwokSlayer, their favorite Platinum trophy is the one they unlocked for the fan favorite survival-horror game Alien: Isolation. As fans of the game may know, completing Alien: Isolation and unlocking the Platinum trophy requires them to earn the incredibly challenging "One Shot" trophy, which means beating the entire game without dying. "Beating that without dying had my nerves shot the entire game. In a good way," EwokSlayer explained.

When asked how they possibly had time to unlock all of these PlayStation trophies, EwokSlayer explained that they were "unemployed for way too long" and so they had a lot of free time. To store the huge number of games they own, EwokSlayer purchased a 2TB external hard drive from Amazon so they didn't have to delete stuff from their PS4's internal hard drive constantly.

Besides focusing on how EwokSlayer managed to unlock so many PlayStation trophies or how they were able to store so many games, other users commented on how much they miss the PS4's user interface and themes. The PlayStation 5 still does not support themes at the time of this writing, and it seems as though many PS5 owners miss the feature.

EwokSlayer themselves has not been able to upgrade from a PS4 to PS5 yet, which is a situation that many fans currently find themselves in. The PS5 supply shortages are expected to continue through 2022 and could last until 2023, so consumers may have a long wait ahead of them yet.

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I'm so happy for them. Great to see players earning greatly

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