Halo Infinite Beta Runs at Roughly Around 100 FPS on Xbox Series X

The first technical preview for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer component has gone live, giving players a taste for what to expect when the shooter launches this Fall, and reception for it so far has been quite positive. Even on a visuals and performance front, things are looking quite impressive already. YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits recently uploaded an analysis of the game’s technical preview (which you can view below), and numbers for its frame rate and resolution on multiple consoles have emerged.

On the Xbox Series X, the Halo Infinite beta runs at 4K resolution, and though it targets 120 FPS, the performance generally hovers in the 100-110 FPS range, while sometimes dropping into the 90s as well. Meanwhile, on an Xbox Series S, the resolution drops down to 1080p, which means it’s able to stick to 120 FPS much better, with hardly any drops in performance to speak of.

On a base Xbox One, the frame rate is consistently maintained at 30 FPS at 1080p, while on an Xbox One X, the resolution is cranked up to 4K, with the frame rate still being maintained at 30 FPS, with very few drops here and there. Other than the base Xbox One, all consoles are supposed to receive more modes favouring performance in the future, which should be interesting to analyze.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X/S have better load times, while shadows, textures, and ambient occlusion are also improved on the two and on Xbox One X as compared to the Xbox One. Clearly, results are already impressive, and this is just the very first technical preview (with more elaborate betas yet to come in the future), which means things may very well improve further in the future.

Halo Infinite launches for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC this Holiday, possibly in November.

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