Epic Games Store Reveals Next Two Weeks of Free Games

Thursday is here once again, which means that Epic Games Store users have new games to download for free! This time around, the digital storefront is offering Mothergunship and Train Sim World 2. Both titles are available to claim right this minute, and will be available through August 5th. For those that aren't familiar with how these free games work, they only must be claimed by that date. Once the player has done so, the games will be a permanent part of their library. This allows users to check these games out at their leisure, without having to race through them!

True to its title, Train Sim World 2 is a realistic sim game that allows players to drive different types of officially-licensed trains. Players can ride on famous routes, or create their own scenarios. The game normally retails for $29.99. If trains aren't your speed, Mothergunship is an intense first-person shooter for players looking to dispatch waves of enemies. To get through these opponents, players can customize their own ridiculous guns, with their own distinct abilities. Players might need some help to get to the Mothergunship itself, so the game's co-op mode should be quite welcome! Mothergunship normally retails for $24.99.

In addition to this week's free games, the Epic Games Store has also pulled back the curtain on the titles that will be available next week. Starting on August 5th, users will have the chance to snag A Plague Tale: Innocence and Speed Brawl. The two games will be available through August 12th. Hopefully, these freebies will convince gamers to try something they otherwise wouldn't!

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