Rainbow Six Extraction Delayed to January 2022

The season of delays has come around once more and this time, it’s Ubisoft’s titles that suffer. Rainbow Six Extraction, previously set for September 16th, has been delayed to January 2022. In a new blog post, the development team noted this to be a “full-fledged AAA experience that changes the way you play and think about cooperative games.”

As such, it’s looking at “Embracing the opportunity to take additional time to bring this vision to life in the way it deserves in January 2022. We are confident this will ensure Rainbow Six Extraction is the immersive, cooperative, and thrilling experience we set out to create, and the one you aspire to play.” This isn’t the first time that the co-op title has been delayed. Announced in June 2019 as Rainbow Six Quarantine, it was originally looking at an early 2020 release.

This quickly fell through and it was subsequently delayed to fiscal year 2020/2021, which ended on March 31st 2021. A year later, Ubisoft revealed plans to release the game between April 2021 and September 2021. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the project’s supposed large scale, have likely played a part in this latest delay.

Rainbow Six Extraction is currently in development for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

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Game looks terrible, just like every ubisoft game. Shocking.


officialfred Lmao I knew this was coming

How? They only have one game mode that their working on, thus making it into a game lol.


Lmao I knew this was coming

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