New God of War Trailer Rumored To Release Next Month

Ever since PlayStation and Sony Santa Monica announced the new untitled God of War - informally referred to as God of War: Ragnarök - fans of the Norse mythological action-adventure game have waited with baited breath for any updates on the newest addition to the award-winning series.

Although not officially confirmed, it is widely believed that Ragnarök will begin during this game, as it was prophesied at the end of the 2018 God of War after Kratos broke the neck of god gone mad, Baldur - half-brother to Thor and son of Odin and Freya. In Norse mythology, Ragnarök is a series of battles with the gods that leads to the end of days. A secret ending at the end of the game depicts a vision that Thor would confront Kratos and Atreus during Fimbulwinter, which is the prelude to events of Ragnarök.

Not much is actually known about the upcoming title, as developers seem to be keeping everything under wraps for now, so when the rumor of a potential trailer release was posted on Reddit by leaker QuimSix, fans took notice.

QuimSix - who previously anticipated the date of PlayStation’s State of Play, as well as being the first person to to leak a new trailer of Far Cry 6 - believes that the trailer will be shown during an event, most likely State of Play. They also believe a new expanded and enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto 5 will be revealed during the same event. Right now, this is all conjecture and God of War fans will have to continue to wait for an official announcement from Sony, whenever that may be.

Originally, God of War’s next entry was set to launch this year, but wound up delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps you can’t play the sequel just yet, but 2018’s God of War is now available on PlayStation Now to hold you over.

The untitled God of War sequel is set to be released sometime in 2022 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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