Authorities Seize Thousands Of PS4s Used In Crypto Mining

The Security Service of Ukraine reports that it has busted a cryptocurrency mining farm and seized 5000 pieces of hardware - including a staggering 3800 PS4s. Pictures released by the authorities show the sophisticated operation at work, with thousands of consoles hooked up in a warehouse.

Those behind the operation in Ukraine were found to be illegally using electricity from a nearby city’s power grid. On top of the 3800 consoles, authorities also report confiscating 500 graphics cards and 50 processors - both of which have been hit with supply issues.

This news coincides with recent reports of a PS4 shortage. While COVID-19 related restrictions are certainly contributing, this report raises the possibility that more crypto mines are using the last-gen console as part of their operations.

PS4s are hardly what comes to mind when most of us imagine a crypto mining warehouse. However, as explained by Tom's Hardware, those running the warehouse were likely using them due to the fact that they were stealing electricity, rather than using their own. In other words, PS4s may be inefficient, but they didn’t have to worry about footing the bill it would cause (until now at least).

According to the authorities, it would have been a hefty bill indeed. In the press release, the Security Service claims that should the operation have continued, there was a risk of entire neighbourhoods in the city of Vinnytsia losing power.

While less pressing than neighbourhoods losing electricity, the PS4 shortage is still ongoing. Despite now being a last-gen console, the PS4 still retailing for over $400 on sites such a Walmart, even those not in-game bundles. Hell, if you’re really eager for one, there’s one left on Amazon at the time of writing - for $515. It appears to be the same story with Xbox Ones. While the stock situation isn’t as dire, resellers are still taking advantage of the shortage, and charging much more than you’d expect for a console of its age.

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That seems like a pretty massive mining operation. I wonder what they will do with all the consoles and graphics cards.

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