New GTA Online Update Adds More Survival Maps, Details Summer Update

It's a fight for your life this week in Grand Theft Auto Online, with Rockstar adding seven new survival maps to the game. That risk comes with some extra rewards though, including higher payouts and a substantial bonus for completing any of the new survival maps. Rockstar is also finally hinting at its upcoming summer update for GTA Online, which will add a Los Santos Car Meet.

This week's updates for GTA Online can be found on the Rockstar Newswire or down below.

Bonuses For Surviving

Today's Rockstar Newswire post doesn't list the new survival maps heading to GTA Online. It does, however, reveal that players will be getting more for completing any game of survival. For the next week, the game mode will be paying out twice the usual cash and XP. But, if you take on one of the new maps and come out alive, you'll get an extra reward of $100,000, no strings attached.

Be Spontaneous

The free mode events and challenges are more than a petty annoyance thanks to some bonus rewards. Until July 19, anyone participating in one of these challenges will net themselves triple the usual rewards.

Freebies And Discounts

As always, GTA Online's weekly update also comes with a slew of discounts to take advantage of and some free items to grab. This week, completing any export request for Simon Yetarian will earn you a pair of Sunset Tint Oversize Shades, perfect for cruising around the streets of Los Santos in. The same can be said for this week's podium car at the Diamond Casino, the Vapid Retinue MK II.

This week's discounts are perfect for your inner Top Gun fan, with a majority of them applying to different planes, jets, and helicopters. Here's the full list of discounted vehicles:

P-45 Notkota - 30% discount
V-65 Molotok - 30% discount
R-10 Bombushka - 30% discount
HVY Vetir - 30% discount
Ubermacht Revolter - 30% discount
Western Cargobob - 40% discount
Kraken Submersible - 40% discount
Lampadati Toro - 40% discount
Vapid Slamtruck - 40% discount

This week's GTA Online Newswire post also makes a brief mention of the game's upcoming summer update, saying it would add a Los Santos Car Meet, "the breathing heart of car culture in Southern San Andreas." More details on the update are coming soon, but if the update is anything like the recently-announced Blood Money update for Red Dead Online, players can expect a heap of new content to be added to GTA Online.

Today's Rockstar Newswire post also stated that some jobs will soon be taken down and replaced with others. "Starting with his event," reads the post, "we will begin removing individual Jobs to make room for further updates. These Jobs will be cycled in and out over time as we continue to add to the game in the future." This sounds a lot like the "vaulting" system in Fortnite, except instead of guns being put away, specific jobs are being temporarily retired.

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