Black Ops Cold War Will Now Take Up More Than A Third Of Your PS5 SSD

Black Ops Cold War's file size has now reached the point where it will take up a third of your PS5's SSD if you have all of its elements installed.

It's no secret that Call of Duty games are big, and for good reason. Especially since Warzone launched. The free-to-play BR game alone will take up a hefty chunk of whatever memory you have at your disposal. If you buy the full game Warzone is just one arm of and you have all of its features installed, then you had better be prepared to say goodbye to some of the other games you have taking up memory.

As highlighted by switchondem on Reddit recently, Black Ops Cold War in its entirety will now occupy 219.8GB of your PS5's SSD. That's just shy of 33% of the 667.2GB you have to play with for game storage on the console, or a little less than a third. Imagine if all games were that big, meaning you could only store and play three of them at a time.

Thankfully, not all PS5 games are more than 200GB. In fact, very few even come close. Black Ops Cold War actually takes up more space than Returnal (56.15GB), Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (33GB), and Demon's Souls (52GB), all of which are PS5 exclusives, combined with a lot of room to spare.

There are some caveats, of course. After Activision seemed incapable of keeping Call of Duty's file sizes down, it added the ability to uninstall elements of the games you don't necessarily need. The campaign, for instance, if you've finished it or you only want to play multiplayer. Removing that from your SSD brings Black Ops Cold War's file size down to 154GB. Better, but still bigger than those same three PS5 exclusives combined.

Sony updated the PS5's firmware a couple of months ago allowing owners to store PS5 games on external storage, something previously reserved for PS4 games. However, you are still unable to play PS5 games from the external hard drive. If you want to actually play a PS5 game, then it has to be stored on the console itself. Hopefully, that will become easier when Sony allows the PS5's internal storage to be officially expanded upon.

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so the same amount as modern warfare black ops coldwar ww2 black ops 4 black ops 3 black ops 2 black ops 1 waw warzone huh got it(long name i know but you get it because they gonna add every single cod subtitle to modern warfare 2019's name).

they wanna make god a big as fk game why dont they just add all them into modern warfare 2019 like they are doing with warzone part, but instead make it a game people want to play and have fun instead of a shitty sbmm that dont work.

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