Report: EA Uploads Battlefield Build to the PlayStation Network

With Battlefield 2042 revealed earlier this month, EA has also mentioned that there’s a closed alpha test scheduled for the game though it’s only open for select people. Today, EA has uploaded a “Battlefield” build on the PlayStation Network!

First spotted by PlayStation Game Sizes, the file size is roughly 20GB for the base game. When we reached out to PS Game Size for clarification, they stated that they came to this conclusion via the game ID, which is EP0006-CUSA28676_00-LOREMIPSUM43KING. Important to note: the Battlefield 2042 Origin leak listed the codename of BF 2042 as “Kingston,” while the data ID of the file includes “KING” in it as well. While this certainly isn’t much to go on, our very own James Lara did a bit more digging into this file, and upon inspection he discovered that the pronunctiuation text file does confirm that this is indeed Battlefield related.

Also of note, there is also EA Play set for next month, where Battlefield 2042’s new mode will be revealed. Could a beta announcement be part of the show, too? We do know that there will be a beta, perhaps we’re getting it sooner than we think? If so, could this be the alpha or beta file of Battlefield 2042 now uploaded to the PlayStation Network?

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