Ghost of Tsushima box art change leads to PC port speculation

Ghost of Tsushima's box art has been edited to remove the 'PlayStation exclusive' label, leading to speculation that it'll be coming to PC.

As noted by VGC, PlayStation has recently changed the box art of 2020's Ghost of Tsushima. Whereas before the PS4 box art included the "Only on PlayStation" tag in the top right corner, this is now longer the case, and the text describing it as an exclusive game is now gone entirely.

This has led to speculation that Ghost of Tsushima could be the next PlayStation-developed game to arrive on PC. Interestingly enough, PlayStation also updated the box art of both Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn, shortly before both PS4 exclusive games were revealed to be coming to PC.

However, although there's precedent that points to Ghost of Tsushima coming to PC, things get a little murkier when you look at PlayStation's extended library. For example, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which was accidentally revealed by Sony to be coming to PC, hasn't had its box art updated, and still bears the "Only on PlayStation" branding on its front cover. In a discussion on Reddit, players also point out that a number of PS5 exclusives are also missing the badge, which could point to a next-gen port instead.

In fact, this isn't the first time that speculation of a PC version of Ghost of Tsushima has sprung up. Earlier this year, a prominent leaker claimed that God of War, The Uncharted Collection, Bloodborne, and Ghost of Tsushima would all be coming to PC at some point in the future. Obviously this has never been commented on by Sony, but it's worth bearing in mind that a leaker has previously pointed to a PC port of Sucker Punch's game.

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