Halo Infinite’s Samurai Spartan costume will be unlockable

The Samurai Spartan costume spotted in Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer trailer this week will be unlockable in the first season of the multiplayer mode.

This was confirmed by Tom French, the game’s associate creative director for multiplayer, who was discussing the game at the Xbox Games Showcase Extended event.

“I mean, that is a Samurai Spartan armour, and it will be an armour you’ll be able to unlock for free in the first season, which is super cool,” French said.

“Players will be able to equip it, you know, gain more armour pieces and customisation options etc across the season.

“And then we actually have more of this stuff kind of coming down the line, there’s actually some really cool ideas that we’re seeing from our team that’s building the stuff, so there’ll be a lot of other cool armours besides just the really core Halo Spartan armours. There’ll be some other different kinds of twists and things for players to play with.”

343 Industries released a Halo Infinite multiplayer overview video earlier this week which offering a deeper look at the game’s online component.

Microsoft confirmed on Sunday that the game’s free-to-play multiplayer experience will launch alongside its campaign during the 2021 holiday season. It will support cross-play and cross-progression on consoles and PC.

In the 12-minute overview video released on Monday, 343 Industries shared further details of what’s in store for players, including information about Halo Infinite’s battles passes and the studio’s stance on loot boxes.

The game’s battle passes won’t expire, according to Christopher Blohm, who leads the design team in charge of progression, customisation and commerce for Halo Infinite.

“The Halo battle pass will never be taken away from you,” he said. “What I mean by that is, once you buy it, it is yours and it does not expire. In future seasons, you can purchase old battle passes as well as the current battle pass and choose which battle pass to put your progression towards.”

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Can't wait for halo infinite, it's a game ive waited years for and they are doing a fantastic job


Taking something super cool and giving it to everyone. Part of me likes the idea, part of me wishes it was a grind for it.

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