The Most Popular Map in Modern Warfare 3 and Boosters Discussion

Robert Bowling acknowledges boosters in Modern Warfare 3 and reveals the most popular map at the moment.

Boosters and Modern Warfare 3
Only if I had a dollar for every time I come across boosters in Kill Confirmed; it is one of the most irritating problems I face in Modern Warfare 3, especially in my favorite gamemode. Personally, whenever I see boosters, I make their experience a living hell, like backing one into a corner where he/she can’t move, until they rage quit. Otherwise, when the match is over, I report the boosters in game, and I encourage everyone to do the same. If you’re a booster and you’re reading this, then please leave a comment explaining why you go out of your way to ruin the game for others; there are private matches to fool around with friends. Of course, tactical insertions make this possible, but there has to be a way to rectify this problem. Luckily, Infinity Ward is aware of the issue. One fan questioned Bowling on Twitter whether there’s a way to stop this from happening. Bowling explained, “there are definitely some actions you can take from a script standpoint, but they come with some risks.” He went on to reassure that the security team is “discussing” a way to address the problem. Be sure to read more about Modern Warfare 3′s code of conduct.

Most Popular Map
You saw this one coming. Dome is the most “played and most voted for map” in Modern Warfare 3 according to the game’s statistics. Interestingly, Robert Bowling prefers “bigger maps.” Historically, the Call of Duty community has gravitated towards smaller maps. One example would be another small map called Dome from Treyarch who developed World at War. What is your favorite Modern Warfare 3 map so far? Does it depend on the gamemode you’re playing?




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My favorite CoD maps are all of the below:
Cod 4: Crash and Overgrown
WaW: Dome and Nightfire (Der Reise)
MW2: Favela, Terminal, Crash and Overgrown
BO: Firing Range and Radiation
MW3: Dome and Mission


That's my favorite map ever, also I hate boosters.


I have seen a couple MOAB boosters in Team Defender, i usually just ruin the guys streak and report them after game. Except one time i let him boost the MOAB so i could get the title for getting killed by a MOAB. >:D, I personally say IW did a great job on maps in MW3, i like every map, my least liked being Downturn. And downturn isn't even that horrible, there are much worse ones on other COD's. The only thing i can complain about in MW3 is: Spawns, Glitchers, and boosters. the gun balance, map designs, perks, equipment, everything else is fine.


i hate boosting its like so boring i dont know why people do it i have more fun playing legit


iJarH3ad I never see any of boosters since MW3 launched PERIOD


Simply, I love close range maps so my favorites are:
COD4: Shipment
COD5: Dome
COD6: Scrapyard/Favela
COD7: I hate blackops but my favorite map was Nuketown.
COD8: Dome/Seatown/Underground/Mission
I happen to like quite a few maps in mw3


iJarH3ad I never see any of boosters since MW3 launched PERIOD

same here. :/ idk what they are talking about


hate boosters in public games...
i report them through MW3 system and Xbox live...
so boosters watch out....


This is the first time i commented on the news before but here we go.

Favorite map:Dome



I never see any of boosters since MW3 launched PERIOD

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