Nintendo E3 2021 Tease Has Nintendo Switch Fans Excited

A new tease about Nintendo's E3 2021 Direct from a prominent Nintendo insider has Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite fans excited. Speaking previously about Nintendo's E3 2021 showcase, Nintendo insider Nate Drake noted they were excited, but not overly excited based on what they know. That said, apparently, something has changed, because now the insider has revealed their hype for Nintendo's E3 showcase is a nine out of ten. In other words, they are extremely hyped.

It makes sense that Nintendo may have a monster E3 in the works this year as they've been fairly quiet the past 18 months not just in releases but announcements. Right now they have games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, Bayonetta 3, Splatoon 3, and Metroid Prime 4. Meanwhile, there have also been rumors of Mario Kart 9, a new Fire Emblem game, and re-releases of older Zelda and Metroid games. Throw the heavily-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, and you have a potentially huge E3 showing.

Unfortunately, for now, Nintendo fans are stuck using their imagination, as Nate Drake declined to divulge any additional details or explain why they are excited. Nonetheless, it's enough to have many Nintendo fans excited and speculating.

Included in the former is that the "9/10" is actually a reference to the release of the Nintendo Switch Pro, but this is obviously a fairly huge stretch, though as some have pointed out, this was shared during the flurry of leaks and rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro this week.

At the moment of publishing, we don't know when exactly Nintendo's E3 2021 showcase will go down. We know it's putting on a Nintendo Direct for the show, but that's all we know.

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Nintendo E3 I'm really most excited for.


I'm super excited for Nintendo, they have me hyped just slightly less than Microsoft


They are going to explode at the E3 2021

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