Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Play In Testing, More Info Coming Soon

The moment that plenty of Rainbow Six Siege players have been waiting on has arrived with cross-play now enabled for testing in the tactical shooter. It was confirmed a while back that Ubisoft was working on both cross-play and cross-progression, and this weekend, the developers working on Siege confirmed that the feature had been enabled for testing. For those wanting to know more about how Ubisoft will handle the two cross-platform features, the company said more information will be shared next month.

Ubisoft tweeted about the enabling of cross-play this weekend through the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account and said that the cross-play feature had been activated between “PC and cloud gaming platforms.” That means that console players should still be playing only with themselves and others on their individual platforms for now, so don’t expect to hop into Siege and be active in cross-play if you’re not on one of the platforms described below.

In replies to the tweet above, Siege players have already begun to raise concerns about some of the inconsistencies and disadvantages players may encounter when playing against those on other platforms. Aim assist is always a frequent topic whenever cross-play is enabled between PC and console platforms and popped up again in the discussions as players debated on whether or not controller users would need a more heavy-handed aim assist feature in Siege to take on PC players. Ubisoft has not yet said how it plans to handle that sort of discrepancy between the platforms.

As for that question and the future of cross-play and cross-progression – and really the future of Siege and other Ubisoft games overall – you won’t have to wait much longer to hear about the company’s plans. Ubisoft Forward is happening on June 12th amid all the other big gaming events like E3 that get scheduled next month, so we’ll learn more about this game, cross-play, and more during that occasion.

Siege also has some interesting new features enabled now beyond just cross-play for testing, but you’ll have to go to the test servers themselves to try those out.

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I'm all for cross-play, but having between PC and cloud gaming platforms is ridiculous


why not crossplay between pc and consoles? no one in their right mind streams games on the cloud in these types of games thats idiotic, ps **** streaming games, games are meant to be buy to own not buy to rent


Holy shit this is actually dope

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