Fallout 76 Update Fixes Combat, C.A.M.P. Problems

Fallout 76 got a new update this week from Bethesda to address some of the problems players have been having regarding different systems like combat, C.A.M.P. setups, and more. The update’s patch notes contain a multitude of fixes and other improvements for the game, but there aren’t any huge new features to try out or anything like that. For that sort of content, you’ll want to head to the game’s test servers to preview some of the new Brotherhood of Steel content that was added there recently.

The only section of the Fallout 76 patch notes the update contains is for “Bug Fixes and Improvements,” so that tells you not to expect anything too major from this patch since there haven’t been any game-breaking bugs circulating the Internet to speak of. Still, the changes are notable if you’ve been having problems with different areas of the game, so they’re worth looking over to see if those issues have been fixed.

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Glad they made anupdate to fix the problems

Fingers crossed it stays that way

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