Apex Legends Arenas will now punish players leaving early

A new Apex Legends update now punishes players that abandon matches in Arenas mode.

In an update on May 24, (via PC Gamer) those abandoning a match in Apex Legends Arenas mode will now be penalized in a similar way to how players get a 10-minute timeout for abandoning a ranked Battle Royale match.

Earlier this month, Apex Legends launched into its latest season titled 'Mayhem' and with it not only came Valkyrie, a new Legend, but a new permanent game mode called Arenas. However, since launching, the 3v3 mode has a lot of players leaving a match early with no penalties.

Respawn does note that you won't be issued a 10-minute timeout if you decide to leave after someone has already abandoned the match. But if you're in a party with someone, and they abandon the match, then you'll also receive a penalty.

The Arenas addition to the game finds 2 teams starting with the bare minimum in terms of gear. Each successful round will award more materials to spend on better weapons and armor in a similar system to Valorant or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The Apex Legends update isn't just focused on Arena penalties, but it also restores the slow movement effect players get if they run into an enemy fence by Watson. Valkyrie also gets some quality of life updates such as an input delay for their ultimate ability.

For looting, you can expect to see more backpacks on the ground and more level 2 Evo Armour everywhere else as the update adjusts the loot loadout.

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Source: https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/apex-legends-arenas-update-introduces-timeout-penalties/


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The one who leaves early should only get the penalty ffs

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