Konami Hints at Future IP Outsourcing Plans

Beloved Konami franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania have been dormant for way too long, but of late, a deluge of leaks and rumours has given the impression that that might change in the not-too-distant future. For well over a year, we’ve been seeing reports of a new Silent Hill game (possibly even more than one), while recently, reports have also stated that Konami is also looking to license the Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania IPs out to external developers to bring those franchises back as well.

And recently, Konami producer Shin Murato may possibly have hinted that that might indeed be happening. Konami recently launched GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon in collaboration with indie developer GuruGuru, and in an interview with JPGames, Murato suggested that we might also be seeing more similar collaborations to bring back dormant IPs from Konami in the future.

“We are continually inspired by various indie titles, and how they innovate and produce exciting games,” Murato said. “We felt that GetsuFumaDen would be an interesting IP to bring back to follow this indie approach, and so we decided to contact GuruGuru as we know the team well. They had been exploring new approaches for graphical design and thought they would be a great fit for this IP. It also helped that there were fans of the original GetsuFumaDen game within the GuruGuru team. In terms of other collaborations, please wait for future projects like this!”

Veteran Metal Gear Solid voice actor David Hayter recently suggested that a revival of the franchise might indeed be in the works. Meanwhile, Konami also recently stated that though it wouldn’t be making any announcements at E3 2021 next month, they are “in deep development of a number of key projects.”

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Would like to hear more about this at the E3

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