New Battlefield 6 Trailer Images Leak As "80% Of Trailer" Now Online

Things aren’t looking too good for EA or DICE as further leaks have emerged on Reddit from the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer. DICE has set the reveal of the Battlefield 6 trailer for some time in June, but if you’re eager to know what the latest instalment of Battlefield will contain, you can check out the latest leak right here.

There are also reports that Battlefield 6 will contain a brand new Battle Royale mode. We’re not surprised about EA and DICE jumping on the BR bandwagon considering how popular and lucrative the mode has become, but will it be any good? Reports suggest streamers have already had the opportunity to try out Battlefield‘s new mode. Check out the link below to find out more.

At this point, EA and DICE should probably just release the full trailer for the latest Battlefield title as it appears we’ve already seen 80% of the full trailer.

That’s according to industry insider and leaker, Tom Henderson. He claims that since the latest batch of images leaked for the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer, we’ve now seen “80% or so of that trailer“.

Although the images leaked are incredibly blurry and have an obnoxious meme watermark over the top of them – as is the case with most leaks these days – it does give us a solid look at the trailer.


These images perfectly coincide with the previous images leaked from the trailer, as well as Henderson’s description of the trailer he posted to Twitter. Of course, leaks should always be taken with a pinch of salt as details can always change before official releases.

However, these leaks look pretty legit surrounding DICE’s next Battlefield title, which is rumoured to be simply titled ‘BATTLEFIELD‘. Make sure to let us know what you think of the latest leaks.

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You can never stop the leaks EA and DICE :P

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