Crysis 2 Remaster Seemingly Being Teased

Less than a year after Crytek and Saber Interactive released Crysis Remastered, it looks like the same visual overhaul could soon be coming for the second installment in the series. Although nothing has been confirmed or announced in an official capacity just yet, the social media account behind the Crysis series seems to be teasing that a reveal of sorts is coming quite soon.

Over the past couple of days on Twitter, the official Crysis account has been sharing a handful of cheeky messages that has fans on their toes. The teases began yesterday when the account all of the sudden tweeted, "They used to call me Prophet." For those unaware, Prophet is one of the main characters within the Crysis series and has ties throughout all three games. This message, in particular, deals with some of the narrative events that transpire in the second game, which first released back in 2011.

For those that still had doubts that Crysis 2 might be coming back in the near future, the teases from Crytek got a whole lot louder earlier today when another new tweet was made. While there was no caption this time around other than a pair of emoji eyes, a screenshot from the second game in the series was shared, making it blatantly obvious that some sort of announcement seems to be forthcoming.

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Yes, friggin' yes!! Please release C2, then C3 (hopefully) next year

I loved the Crysis trilogy on the PS3, would love to have them again for the PS4

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