Here’s 5 minutes of new Mario Golf Switch footage

Nintendo has published five minutes of Mario Golf Super Rush footage, detailing the Switch game’s modes, controls and more.

The video also details a new Speed Golf mode, which combines platforming and golf into arcade-style matches. There’s also a Battle variant of this mode, which has players “capturing” golf holes before their opponents.

Super Rush is set to release on June 25.

The new game will feature optional motion controls, online multiplayer modes such as Speed Golf, and a full Story Mode which has players controlling their Mii character as they compete in golf challenges and earn experience points to power-up stats.

The game represents the first Mario Golf instalment since 2014’s World Tour for Nintendo 3DS. It’s been even longer since the series’ previous home console instalment, Toadstool Tour, which released for GameCube in 2003.

Another Mario sports title, Mario Tennis Aces, released for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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