Resident Evil Village player tests NPC's with IQ experiments

A Resident Evil: Village player has tested the intelligence levels of the game’s NPCs with makeshift IQ experiments, and it turns out Lady Dimitrescu isn’t as bright as she appears.

Warning: Resident Evil Village story spoilers below.

In a new video created by YouTuber MELOO, we can see what happens if Ethan lures Lady Dimitrescu around the coffee table in Castle Dimitrescu’s foyer. The experiment, aptly titled "Can Lady catch you if you run around the table?", results in Ethan tricking Lady Dimitrescu into chasing him around the table, never catching up to him or stopping to turn around and chase him the other way.

Other experiments in the video explore whether you can lead Lady D into The Duke’s room, or how well The Duke reacts to having pipe bombs thrown at him. Not to mention the one question we all wanted to ask: can the giant mutant baby in the Bienvenido house still reach you in the elevator? Ethan found the answer to that last one the hard way after being eaten by the big guy.

Thanks to these experiments, we also know how The Duke feels about the remains of several characters. When offered the Crystal Dimitrescu, the Duke will respond: "Oh, Lady Dimitrescu, beautiful even in death. That waistline, yes…" Let’s just ignore how creepy that sounds out of context and move on to how he reacts when given Angie the doll: "Ah, Miss Angie! Just adorable. Porcelain dolls are very popular, you know." As for Heisenberg’s remains, The Duke replies: "Oh-ho! The Assemblage of life and machine, I can feel Lord Heisenberg’s essence through it."

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Always nice to see someone testing these out

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